Instructor FastTrack Meribel 2013


We’ve had a great week of BASI ski instructor training here in Meribel.
We teamed up with our buddies from
Inside Out Skiing to deliver the alpine week of their BASI instructor training course.
The weather didn’t exactly behave itself and it did give us almost every condition under the sun, except for sun itself, but with some hard work from the group the skills were easily seen to improve as the week went on – especially when the skies did clear and presented us with a perfect wee bit of powder. More to follow on that soon…..
The week was spent firstly looking at the BASI fundamentals and what they mean to our skiing. (Control of Speed, Control of Line, Steering and Body Management) Each one of these can be dissected and explored further to understand our skiing better and then from there it can be implemented to improve our performance.
We spent most of the week looking specifically at long carving turns and short turns on piste. And working on specifics within the steering of our skis and how we manage our body effectively throughout these turns. As the week moved on we started to step sideways off the sides of the runs and skied more bumps, and off-piste snow.
Good foundations make for good skiing. The foundations are relatively simple but can become harder when trying to maintain and put into place on the battle field! That’s why our instructor Derek (Del), and BASI trainer, was on hand to keep encouraging and coaching the team to success.
And the hard work paid off – on the last day we had fresh snow, patches of clear sky and some great skiing!
Big thanks to all involved and we look forward to next year