GCSE / A Level Grading Session

GCSE / A Level Grading Session

Approximately 90 minutes on the main slope with a qualified ski instructor who will be video taping you performing the key skills as required by your examining body. As the examination unfolds you may be asked to repeat some of the exercises and your coach will offer advice on improvements to increase your overall grade.

Includes equipment rental and a 2 hour slope pass so you can warm up before your session. You need to bring gloves and warm clothing. Should your school have a larger group we can accommodate up to 8 students over a 2 hour period with two coaches, or, if we don't have two coaches available can run two 90 minute sessions back to back with a short break in between.

Please contact us for availability for you or your School group.

After your session we will give you a broad appraisal of your skiing and a few days later will review your video footage, assign a grade for your skill level, write up a short report, compile all the video footage into a single video file and forward to you for submission to your examining body. 

  • Skiing Level: 4 and higher
  • Frequent Skier Points: 10
  • Availability: 4
  • £179

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