Stability Testing For Ski Injury Prevention

Stability Testing For Ski Injury Prevention
We will run through a series of biomechanical / motor control screening and evaluation tests to determine your range of movement, symmetry, strength and balance focussing on the ankles, knees, core and back which will take approximately 30 minutes.
Functional Core stability testing will determine if you have appropriate balanced strength for injury avoidance. The testing will give us a starting point to provide you with a personalised Exercise Programme should you desire.
We will provide you with a functional ski fitness test report that will provide you with a baseline and allow you to track progress with any exercise or injury recovery routines you undertake. We will be collecting data from clients as our programme develops and will periodically provide you with updates on where your fitness levels are compared to other recreational skiers, instructors and ski racing athletes.
  • Skiing Level: All
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