Instructor FastTrack Programme
Full 3 day Course £379
Single training days - £139
Saturdays 16 May, 20 June & 11 July 2020
Our Instructor FastTrack programme is designed for experienced skiers who want to improve their technical performance before undertaking ski instructor exams offered by the British or Irish Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI / IASI). The programme, now in its 8th year of running will offer a blend of performance training and development of teaching and demonstrating skiing skills. Three separate days of training spread out over three months so you have time to practice and improve before the exam weeks which run in the Autumn and Winter season. We have helped over 40 clients to achieve their L1 Instructor award with many going on to further levels.

If you are uncertain whether your skiing is at the right standard to benefit from this programme please have a look at the video below or contact us.
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These courses are on hold until the Covid restrictions are over.

Typical Instructor FastTrack session
Each day will consist of three 90 minutes sessions on the hill, video and group feedback, review of BASI and IASI course materials and content. Although primarily focused on improving your own personal performance we will explore teaching methods and do mock teaching sessions. Off the hill will have Q&A sessions on the BASI and IASI pathways, where you can work with your licenses, further training needs, equipment selection and tuning, fitness, etc..

During each clinic we will utilise a building block method of progression that is used to take beginners up to basic parallel skiing. This method called the Central Theme by BASI and Core Skier Development by IASI is also a very useful tool to improve performance in advanced skiers including your own !

We will also explore “fundamental elements” of skiing such as body management, steering or movements. We will use the central theme every day and by focusing on a single fundamental element we will help improve your own personal performance whilst learning some valuable teaching techniques.

Typical timetable
10.00am - 11.30am Session 1
11.30am - 12.00pm Coffee break video analysis
12.00pm - 1.30pm Session 2
1.30pm - 2.30pm Lunch plus video analysis
2.30pm - 4.00pm Session 3 & wrap up
Why train with Us?
Through regular pre season training at Hemel we will develop an action plan for you and help to iron out your weaknesses before your exam weeks, ensure that you arrive at or beyond the level to get the most out of your training week. Hone your skills Inside with us in the pre season to make the most of your Alpine training and examination weeks in a stress free environment.

Our coaches are still going through the system and we have found that it is really important to join a training group of peers. This naturally starts to happen during L3 courses and above but we think it would be of great benefit for those at an earlier stage in the pathway. Our training group is designed for those committed to professional excellence and continual improvement.

• Daily video review and a visual diary of your progress
• Specific drills and exercises to get you to beyond the level
• If you are at the level we will take you further
• If you are close to the level we will get you over the bar

After your L1 course the journey just begins, as part of our training group we can help you with:

• Shadowing hours for L1’s to help speed through the 20 (IASI) or 35 (BASI) teaching hours requirement.
• Advice and assistance on where you can teach with your award
• Introductions to ski school directors in the Industry
• Continued professional development and training

A little more about Inside Out Skiing
We are a unique ski coaching setup that trains skiers all year round both at The Snow Centre and in the Alps. We are set up to make long term, lasting improvements through regular, periodised coaching clinics and typically work with keen and committed strong recreational skiers.

We have trained more than 900 skiers with over 40 of those having gone onto to pass their Level 1 qualifications. We also have more than a few successes in L2 courses, a few pursuing modules for their L3 award and one client who has completed his L3 and working on L4.

We don’t quote success rates as other schools tend to do as we feel success is down to the individual and how well prepared you are. We will give you an honest appraisal of where you are at and areas that can be improved to assist you in your journey.

What Level do I need to be?
You need to be able to carve turns on blue runs and make dynamic short radius turns. They entry point for the training is a strong level 7 to level 8 on our scale and the pass level is about a level 9. More importantly you need to be open and able to make changes to your skiing and have an enthusiasm for snow sports.

Have a look at some video of typical skiers who went on to take the L1 course and BASI L1 technical standard

I am mainly interested in improving my skiing and don’t have any plans on doing teaching, can I still participate?
We always smile at this one as most instructors we know started out exactly with that intention and then found that they enjoyed teaching. Whether it be teaching themselves, obtaining a deeper understanding of how skiing works, giving tips to friends and family, part time at the Snow Centre or going onto the L2 award and getting paid to go skiing a few weeks a season in the mountains there is a level of “teaching” for everyone.
Instructor FastTrack Video
The skiing highlighted is typically below the entry point for L1 and virtually all needed to make improvements during the 5 day course, this video is NOT the passing standard for Level 1. Some of the skiers did limited additional training prior to the L1 course, at least two went on to pass the L2 award after more training and ski miles. Have a look at BASI's video on the Standard for Level 1
Client reviews of Professional Development Clinics
If you would like to review an Inside Out Skiing course you've been on please click here.

"Just seen the Inside Out Skiing instructor fast track programme - looks good. It's also prompted me to let you know I passed my level 2 in Val D'Isere with the ICE guys this April. Very chuffed. Am thinking about level 3 for the 2014/15 season… Thanks for all your help and great guidance" Graham F May 2013

"Well, big news. Me and Marcus smashed it in Tux, We both got the Level 2!! Fantastic! Can't believe it. Wanted to say a great big thank you. Without your training and input this would not have happened for me." Tim H April 2013

"Just a note to say thanks again for a great week. I've taken another big leap (or it was a big breakthrough week as you put it Rob) My skiing has improved a 100 fold over the two weeks I've done in Tignes with you this year. I found your teaching styles very easy to understand. Your analysis and actions to correct what was wrong are absolutely spot on. I have improved a lot in a short space of time and that's down to you guys. You should be proud of it." Tim H. 2011

"Well I just finished my BASI Level 1 Instructor course at Hemel and passed!!! This is due in no small part to both Rob and Scott's tuition over the past few months. There is no way I would have passed without their coaching and input. A big thank you and thumbs up for their guidance and instruction." Mike A. 2010

"Many thanks to you both for an absolutely fantastic day. To be coached by two BASI instructors is one thing, but their commitment and professionalism is what made the day for me. They both worked together in a seamless way which meant you never felt that one was telling you one thing and the other something else. The explanations/demonstrations were clear and precise and the use of video in a progressive way through the day allowed you to react, and not just presented as an afterthought. The presentation of video was done in a way that allowed for private individual feedback, and the quality was superb." Terry B., July 2009

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