Professional Development Clinics
£139 Wednesdays
£109 Instructors with slope privileges*
Our Professional Development Clinics are regular monthly sessions for instructors who are training for L2 or L3 exams or are just keen to progress their skill levels. Half-day bespoke sessions with no pre-set format, specifically tailored to each persons needs within a supportive training group of like minded fellow teachers. We have a maximum group size of 4, and should two people attend the session the final price will be retrospectively discounted by £20 per person, if three £30pp and four £40pp through a credit in our shop that will be automatically applied against your next order.
* To be individually confirmed with the SnowCentre (VIP's are eligible for a further discount of £15)
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These courses are on hold until the Covid restrictions are over.

Who are they for?
Our Professional Development Clinics are for instructors who are training for L2 or L3 exams or are keen to progress their skill levels in a training group with your peers.

Why train with Us?
Through regular off season training at Hemel we will develop an action plan for you and help to iron out your weaknesses before your exam weeks, ensure that you arrive at or beyond the level. Hone your skills Inside with us in the off season to make the most of your Alpine training and examination weeks in a stress free environment.

Continual personal development can be hard to do on your own and we have found that it is really important to join a training group of peers. This naturally starts to happen during L3 courses and above but we think it would be of great benefit for those at earlier stages in the pathway. Our training group is designed for those committed to professional excellence and continual improvement.

• Video review during each session creating a visual diary of your progress
• Specific drills and exercises to get you to beyond the level
• Help with a training diary and honest appraisal of readiness for further exams

Your coach
Scott Pleva has been working at Hemel since it opened and has been running instructor preparation courses for the last 7 years. The Instructor FastTrack programme has gone very well with over 40 people achieving their L1 licenses with quite a few moving onwards to L2 and beyond. He has 10 years of race coaching experience at the Hemel and Milton Keynes race teams working with talented young skiers, getting more than a few onto our national teams with two competing at Europa Cup level. He has done quite a bit of training for the Eurotest and L4 tech over the past few years and has a clear feel for what the levels are and the current thinking on skiing performance within BASI and IASI.

Typical clinic
The clinic is composed of two skiing sessions with your coach and includes a half day lift pass. The day is broken up with coffee and lunch breaks, taken in the comfortable cafe overlooking the slope. Video feedback is given during these breaks, ensuring you have a good mental image of what you do well and what you need to change. Afterwards we upload your footage to a personalised folder in our online video library so you can review it at you leisure and track your progress.

10.00am - 11.30am Session 1
11.30am - 12.00pm Coffee break with video review
12.00pm - 1.30pm Session 2
1.30pm - 2.00pm Video review

Includes a slope pass valid from 10:00am to 2:00pm, ski rental equipment plus video review and feedback.

Minimum numbers
Should a Professional Development clinic have only one person in attendance we will run the course as an extended private session consisting of a 90 minute session on the slope followed by video review and optional practice time on your own afterwards.
Upcoming Pro Development Clinics
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