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December through March
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Skills Clinics
£119 Midweek (Apr-Sep)
£129 Weekends/Bank Holidays/Winter Midweek (Oct,Nov)
Skills Clinics are designed for recreational skiers who are looking to build a strong foundation of technical skills. We have a maximum group size of 8, and use extensive individual feedback and video analysis to help you improve. To develop your all-round skiing we have a different skills focus each month, covering areas such as carving, skills for steep terrain, mogul skiing etc.
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Clinic details

Who are they for?
Skills Clinics are for skiers at levels 6, 7 and 8 on our ability scale. If you are level 9 and 10 you will also benefit if that month's skills focus is a broad area you wish to develop.

Typical Skills Clinic
Based on three 90-minute sessions with breaks during the day. Each clinic begins with a brief warm-up so we are ready to ski. During each session we will use a number of drills and exercises to introduce or develop a particular skill. You will be given time to practice that drill until you make good progress with it. For those who make very quick progress we will make the drill more demanding, to ensure you develop that skill as much as possible.

Typical timetable
10.00am - 11.30am Session 1
11.30am - 12.00pm Coffee break video analysis
12.00pm - 1.30pm Session 2
1.30pm - 2.30pm Lunch plus video analysis
2.30pm - 4.00pm Session 3 & wrap up

Includes an all day slope pass valid from 10:00am to 4:00pm, ski rental equipment plus video review and feedback.
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Our clinics include:
• Small group sizes
• Individual feedback
• Video analysis
• Ski pass & equipment hire
• Work with the same coaches
• Ski with the same friends
Minimum Numbers
Should a full day group clinic have only one or two people booked on it we will run the course as an extended private session consisting of two 90 minute sessions on the slope with video review during a break in between. We find that with only one or two people a full day with three 90 minute sessions is too intense and counterproductive. Your slope pass will be remain valid for the full day and you can use the remaining time to practice and consolidate the days coaching.

Monthly skills focus

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APRIL Dynamic Balance - Dynamic Balance is key to effective skiing. In this clinic we will work on getting you comfortable being in balance while moving side to side, allowing your skis to tip onto their edges further away from your body as well as improving your balance along the length of your skis to help improve speed control and reduce skidding.
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MAY Turn Tactics - There are many situations where you MUST turn when the terrain or the snow dictate rather than turning when you are ready to. In this clinic we will work on developing skills to help you make your turns in tough situations instead of missing your turns or falling.
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JUNE Linking Your Turns - The true beauty of carving your skis is cleanly linking one turn to the next by simply rolling from one set of edges to the other. In this clinic we will work on skills to ensure you make clean transitions between your turns.
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JULY Carving: Using Your Edges - When carving your turns the best way to change how quickly you turn is to increase or decrease the angle that you tip your skis on to their edges. In this clinic we will develop skills for increasing your angles for high performance carved turns.
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AUGUST Increasing Your Speed - Lots of people have a low threshold for speed and “hit the brakes” a lot, mainly because they haven’t been shown how to ski well at higher speeds. This clinic will develop skills to ski more confidently at speed.
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SEPTEMBER Building Blocks - The fundamentals, or building blocks, of skiing are the foundations on which all good skiing is built. In this clinic we will develop a clear understanding of how skiing works and the movements we make by following the progression used by ski instructors when they teach skiing.
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OCTOBER Skills for Steep Terrain - To get you more confident skiing black terrain and beyond we will work on the underlying skills for short turns as well as showing you some techniques that will make skiing steeps fun instead of scary!
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NOVEMBER Bad Habit Buster - Bad habits such as being in the back seat, swinging your shoulders or can be tough to break. We will focus on making permanent changes to replace your bad habits with more effective skiing.


Client reviews of Skills Clinics
If you would like to review an Inside Out Skiing course you've been on please click here.

"I have been learning with Inside Out now for about 1.5 years on and off. I’ve primarily gone through their skills clinic programme although supplemented with tuneup and performance clinics too. I have been skiing since March 2015 and by using the inside out skiing expertise I feel I have leapfrogged many years in my skiing ability. I am happy to tackle any pisted run, on any mountain and I know I’ve been given the information to cope. I ski with people with 10+ years skiing on me and I’m moving beyond them. I wouldn’t be the level I am without these guys. Thank you" (Dave) Mar. 2019

"Thank you for the video link. But more importantly, thank you for a great session yesterday. Really changed my skiing which was just amazing."
(Christina) Sep. 2017

"Had a fantastic day with Inside Out. My wife and I attended a skills clinic day to help us start to learn carving. We were at a lower level than the rest of the class but that didn't hinder anyone as Rob tailored the course to each person and ensured all of us progressed at the level correct for us. By the end of the day we were going faster than we've ever gone before but with much more control, we started to really engage our edges and learnt how to feel when it's right and when it's wrong. One comment from a fellow attendee was that my wife was a different skier at the end of the session compared to the start. Great day, money well spent indeed. Thanks guys" (David F.) July 2016

“I had a really great day today - it is the first time bumps have felt vaguely fun rather than a necessary (and scary) evil.” (Claire M.) September 2015

"The whole day was very well planned and managed. The individual exercises/drills were carefully selected, clearly explained and nicely linked with the overall Short Turns and Steep Terrain theme. Feedback was clear and precise, demonstrated good incite and was delivered in such a way as to inspire improvement and I there really was an improvement for me. You made very effective use of the available terrain – it was one of the most enjoyable days I have spent at an indoor ski centre." Ian C., November 2011

"After attending a few of the day based skills clinics and having been impressed with the quality of instruction, the “Introduction to Racing” achieved a new level of excellence in training. I enjoyed this thoroughly. Well done Rob and Scott." Frank D., June 2010

"Many thanks for another really good day of coaching. This really is the best thing that's happened to my skiing since I stopped snowploughing. Rob is really excellent at spotting the tiny details of what you're doing wrong and then coming up with ways to correct it and the very thorough video feedback just reinforces that. I think it's fair to say my skiing has improved considerably since the first session." Cathy C., October 2009

"An excellent day, with very good teaching and very good company. Everyone visibly improved with the drills we worked on, and the video feedback is so good. Although I started off the day skiing (thanks Scott!) like a chalet girl, I was quite pleased with myself by the end. Lots of exercises and stuff to work on - I'd highly recommend a day like this to anyone." Rachel Q., August 2009

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