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Inside Out Skiing is a unique ski school with a new concept in ski teaching offering "Ski coaching all year round"
We operate all year round at London's indoor snowdome, the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead and in a range of resorts in the Alps. We offer skills-based coaching and year-round development of your skiing using the same team of ski coaches. With regular coaching our clients see significant progress in their skiing, developing a wider set of skills and much greater confidence to ski all the mountain.

Many of our clients train with us on a regular basis, so coaching sessions at the indoor snowdomes and in the Alps are very sociable events. With regular coaching our clients see significant progress in their skiing, developing a wider set of skills and much greater confidence to ski all the mountain. Check out a video interview which describes what we're all about.
The ski coaches who work for Inside Out Skiing have trained and qualified through the British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI) which recognised by the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA). We are primarily alpine skiing instructors, which licenses us to teach skiing both on and off piste. We are all also qualified as Alpine Development Coaches, which is focused on providing regular, long term coaching to assist skiers in developing their general skiing skills as well as the tools to help junior ski racers in improving their racing technique. We have all taken additional qualifications such as snowboard instructing, telemark or adaptive skiing which has given us a deeper understanding of coaching snowsports.
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Scott Pleva
Scott started skiing at 28, had his first lesson at 41 and wishes he had started earlier on both! After a career of running manufacturing and technology businesses he found that the smiles he got from teaching skiers was much more satisfying than his "real" job. He decided to pursue ski coaching as a full time role and founded Inside Out Skiing to assist people in developing a lifelong love for skiing. He was the head coach for under 12's at the Hemel ski race club from 2009-14 and has coached several young ski racing athletes who went on to be selected for the British national ski team.

Scott is a Level 3 ISIA Ski Teacher, a Level 2 IVSI Alpine Development Coach, L1 Adaptive and L1 Telemark Instructor.
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Rob Rees
Rob first tried skiing at the age of 12 on a school ski trip and fell in love with the sport, being in the mountains and the camaraderie of ski holidays. He has skied every year since then, working with some of the best ski instructors in the business on his way to his own instructor qualifications. His love of skiing is only matched by the pleasure he gets from teaching. Before Rob discovered a passion for teaching skiing, he worked in education for 15 years, in both management and policy advice positions at several universities and the House of Commons.

Rob is a Level 2 Alpine Instructor, a Level 1 Alpine Development Coach and Level 1 Adaptive Instructor.
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Lisa Maher
Lisa is a Physiotherapist and spent seven winter seasons treating ski injuries at a clinic in Meribel, France. She has taught skiing full time in Australia for two seasons while managing a ski school there. Lisa brings a very wide set of skills to our team. She is a very strong skier and fantastic teacher.

Lisa is a Level 3 ISIA Ski Teacher, a Level 2 Alpine Development Coach, a Level 1 Adaptive Instructor, is Level 4 Off-Piste qualified and has passed the ISIA speed test.
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Ian Osborne
Ian was introduced to skiing on a school trip to Italy aged 13 and was completely hooked from then on. He joined the Royal Air Force in 1980 and attended the RAF ski championships most years. He got his first ski teaching qualification in the mid 80’s via the Air Force. After leaving in 1987 he pursued a career in the finance industry and is now the co-director of an Independent Financial Adviser practice, however his real passion is ski teaching and skiing. He says he finds teaching more rewarding than free skiing and will often coach complete strangers!

Ian is a Level 3 ISIA Ski Teacher, a Level 2 Alpine Development Coach and a Level 2 Adaptive Instructor.
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Derek "Del" Chandler
Del is an associate coach and founder of and leads our off-piste courses in the Three Valleys, France. He has spent 20+ seasons in the 3 Valleys and was a BASI trainer for over a decade. He is someone who loves the mountains and if not working can normally be found out sliding down the hill somewhere.

Del is a Level 4 ISTD Ski Teacher.
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Andy Parker
Andy is an associate coach works with us on our coaching holidays in Tignes and Meribel. He is a year round resident in the Tarentaise Alps and runs cycling tours in the summer season and takes private clients skiing throughout the winter. He has friendly, relaxed teaching style and is always a hit with our club members.

Andy is a Level 4 ISTD Ski Teacher.