This is a selection of some of the comments sent to us by clients who have attended our UK clinics or coaching holidays in the Alps.

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Coaching Holidays
Client reviews of our Coaching Holidays
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"Just finished my first time trip to Baqueira, really liked the place. We stayed at the Tuc Blanc ( which despite the ageing website, was a lovely largish hotel, a few short steps from the Gondola, we were half board, really excellent breakfast buffet, and outstanding evening meal. For a 3 star Hotel , facilities are great, good pool and Jacuzzi, plus sauna and steam room, excellent little bar, beer and wine pretty reasonable , Gin and Tonic less so. We had mixed weather, a few blue sky days, and one day of rain / sleet. Never crowded, even at weekends, loved the wide open pistes, and the very accessible off piste in-between. Plenty enough to do in 6 days of skiing. We travelled down to Vielha, which is about 20 minutes down the valley, for a night of wine and tapas, you can do a small tapas "crawl" around several of the excellent bars in the town. Coaching was by the always excellent InsideOut, thanks to Scott for improving my first two turns ! We would definitely head back there again, Toulouse was a 2 hour transfer away for an Easy Jet flight back to the UK, all in all a great week." Dave H. All Terrain Intro Feb 2020

"I first started skiing with Inside Out around 7 years ago as a ‘once a year’ skier. Since then, my skiing has improved beyond all recognition, with the practical training being truly excellent. Even more importantly, it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve made many great friends along the way. Going on Inside Out trips is a genuine highlight of my ski year and would recommend them to anyone wanting to improve and at the same time, have a blast. Scott and Rob are top guys" John M. 2019

"Thanks Scott for a fab few days that have made a huge difference to my skiing and restored a lot of lost confidence." Liz R. Pre Season Tune Up 2019

"I first started with inside out skiing (IOS) in my mid 40’s after a few work ski trips and the “inside” tuition at Hemel Snow Centre from Scott and Rob quickly improved my skiing. This confidence resulted in my family’s first ever ski trip (now one of many) and my daughter becoming a keen skier in her own right. My coaching then moved “outside” via the IOS alpine trips and this both developed my skiing and introduced me to a broader skiing community where I have made many friends and had a lot of fun. But IOS didn’t stop there, as with their coaching and encouragement, I achieved my IASI instructor level 1 and am now working towards level 2. Rob and Scott have been brilliant and it’s been really enjoyable over the last 7 years." Stephen Ford 2019

"Had a beaming smile on my face when we got back to the hotel. Ian rocks as an Instructor - awesome week" (Clare E.) Hidden Gem : Spain 2018

"Just finished the weeks skiing and although tired had a great week with good company in what turned out to be a fab place - truly a hidden gem. Ps. I'll be back." (Stuart M.) Hidden Gem : Spain 2018

"I had a GREAT week - I will definitely be booking another trip! " (Faith D.) Italy All In 2018

"Thanks for an extremely enjoyable week. I have taken away a lot of learning that I hope may help me improve when I next ski." (Steve A.) Italy All In 2017

"Thanks for the link to the videos & photos and to you and Lisa for a brilliant weeks skiing. I thoroughly enjoyed the company of the group and would not hesitate to recommend Inside Out Skiing to others. " (Tracey M.) Italy All In 2017

"Just wanted to say that I'm still on a high from the past four days - would you mind thanking Andy for me as I thought he was brilliant and has really helped pin down some key elements for me to remember to apply." (Liz R.) Pre-Season Tune Up 2016

“A quick one to say thanks very much for a brilliant week.  I had a really good time both on and off the snow and as always your coaching was invaluable for my skiing.” (Mike W.) Hidden Gem 2016

“Thanks for another great trip!! We had a smashing time and enjoyed the change in scenery, and our normal Dolomite pattern. It was also nice to have night time skiing opportunities. We both benefited from the tuition and video replays and no doubt will be back again for more.” (
Mary M.) Hidden Gem 2016

“I wanted to thank you for a great trip. I really enjoyed it, and learnt a lot more than I expected. You structured the progression across days really well; each day really built on the previous one, and it came together for me on the last two days. I feel like I made good progress, but more importantly have much better awareness and think I’ll be able to continue to progress. I think the fact that you have put in so much effort and thought into your personal development - skiing and instructing - really shows.”
(Martin Z) Pre-season Tune-Up 2015

“Thank you very much for 4 wonderful days of skiing last week! I am especially grateful to have progressed under your keen tutelage and look forward to joining the inside out team next year. “ (Sayuri U.) Pre-season Tune-Up 2015

"I had several one day sessions with Inside Out last year, and then went on the season opener in Meribel - in that short amount of tuition (my first in skiing for 12-15 years) I have learned more technique, and more about myself as a skier than in all my time on skis" (Alistar K.) Season Opener 2013

"Just a note to say thanks again for a great week.  I've taken another big leap (or it was a big breakthrough week as you put it Rob)  My skiing has improved a 100 fold over the two weeks I've done in Tignes with you this year.  I found your teaching styles very easy to understand.  Your analysis and actions to correct what was wrong are absolutely spot on.  I have improved a lot in a short space of time and that's down to you guys.  You should be proud of it." (Tim H.) Pre-Season Tune-Up, October 2012

"I was in Rob’s group and what a really great instructor he is. Can’t praise his teaching methods and analytical abilities highly enough. He explains everything very clearly so you’re left in no doubt as to what you’re meant to be doing, has the patience of a saint and I think it’s fair to say there was an improvement in all our skiing with some bad habits eradicated which had become entrenched for some years. His personal involvement in the week was great, beyond the role of just coaching, and ensured we all had a fab week." (Cathy C.) Italian Food & Fun coaching holiday, March 2012

"Many thanks to you and the other Inside Out Ski Club members for the great trip to San Cassiano. A special thanks to Scott for the coaching and for a bit of shouting at me to pick up my skiing, which made all the difference and I think helped me to really improve over the course of the week! Conditions were difficult with all the slush but Scott managed to find enough good snow to let us do a variety of drills along with some free skiing. The chalet was first class, excellent food, location and facilities, thanks to Mountain Sun and the staff for taking care of us. Highlights were the trip to the 'hidden valley' with the drag behind the horses on the way home, the loop around the Sella Ronda, the ride in the snowcat up the mountain to dinner on the chalet staff night off and the half day we had to explore Venice on the way home. Now looking forward to the next Outside trip." (Dave S.) Italian Food & Fun coaching holiday, March 2012

"Many thanks for a brilliant 3 days in Tignes last week. You really maximised the learning opportunities for us all in what were, for me at least, very challenging conditions. I now feel so much more confident that I had ever expected in how I can now work on moving my skiing forward." (Frank D.) Pre-Season Tune-Up, Tignes, October 2011

"In 90 minutes I went from being massively confused to skiing massive moguls, thanks!!" (Amy T.) Les Arcs, March 2011

"I had such a great time last week and really appreciated your instruction and patience! I am feeling much more confident with my skiing even though I was a major wimp on the last day and looking forward to more practise over the summer months!" (Catherine J.) Les Arcs, March 2011

"I thought the tuition quality was really good. I'm looking forward to see if my friends notice any difference in Morzine at the beginning of February. There are lots of positives. Would I change anything? - not as far as the lesson structure went. So just keep up the good work. All the other participants had nothing but praise for you 2, so your ears should be burning!" (Nigel B.) Meribel December 2010

"Just a very big thank you from me for such a super time last week! The whole set-up and organisation with MountainSun worked well and your teaching really was excellent, coping so well with the two different levels of skiers within your group and setting us different drills and aims. And thank you personally so much for the hard work you have spent with me – I really feel my skiing is changing and it doesn’t look like me any more in the videos.. Everyone in our group made significant changes to their skiing – fantastic!" (Cathy C.) Tignes October 2010

"Well, that was pretty amazing Thank you Rob and Scott, I never dreamed of skiing on snow like that in September. The tuition of course was excellent, the company fun, the sun shone and Mountain Sun looked after us well. It was even worth the small fortune I spent on a round of genepi shots! The hour or so we had free skiing on the last afternoon, making some fresh tracks, and skiing with Rob and Scott faster than I've ever skied in my life will be a memory that might just keep me going until I'm in the mountains again" (Rachel Q.) Tignes October 2010

"I felt that I made significant progress, particularly for an old git, and must make a few trips to Hemel over the spring and summer, otherwise my new found skills will be forgotten come next winter - hopefully the videos will be a useful reminder. Many thanks for an enjoyable and productive week - hope to see you at Hemel." (Harry L.) February 2010

"I just returned from a coaching course in Soelden. I’ve had six days of superb coaching from Scott. He started with correcting some basic problems for the first couple of days, and then went on to all aspects of skiing from carving to off piste. All with video feed back so I could see any problems. I feel I am a much improved skier. Anybody thinking of doing a coaching course I would highly recommend it." (Glen C.) Jan 2010

"I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the week of skiing and instruction. It really was a great week and from your instruction and feedback I know that my skiing has improved and I am moving in the right direction. There’s only so much you can do in a fridge, so this week highlighted a lot of areas I can now work upon over the winter – that’s precisely what I wanted." (Corin) December 2009
Improver Clinics
Client reviews of our Improver Clinics
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"My girlfriend had a fantastic day yesterday on the improver course - she’s been raving about it ever since. Big thumbs up! " (Andrew T.) Nov 2018

"Loved it
so want to do another one in prep for my ski trip in Jan " (Yvonne B.) Sep 2018

"I really enjoyed myself, thank you for being so patient with me. As I said, I don't want to be the best skier in the world, I just want to be able to enjoy the mountains without feeling like it is so much effort.

For once I actually felt like i'd skid, had fun, and wasn't going to die of exhaustion afterwards. The video was also really good for two reasons, firstly for the realisation that I'm not as crap as I think I am and secondly, to see what I'm actually looking like and to be able to attempt to fix it afterwards. Your explanations were brilliant, not too much to think about at one time (for my small brain to cope with) and, now I reflect on it, gently pushing me onwards to better things.

“I just wanted to say thanks for another great lesson, this time with Neil. I had a knock to my confidence last year when skiing nervously thanks to a duff knee, but I really feel like I have got my confidence back ready to enjoy my holiday this year.” (Natalie M.) January 2015

I'm intending to book in with you guys for your improver lessons in October and November (if you'll have me!)…and perhaps before if funds permit. Thanks again for your time with me. Hopefully I'll see you at Hemel before then." (Heather W.) June 2014

"Attended an Improver Clinic today at Hemel with Neil Presence. Was really impressed with Neil's enthusiasm, helpful and approachable teaching technique. I'd wholeheartedly recommend the course to anyone who's looking to improve their technique, iron out some bad habits and arm themselves with some tips and techniques to better, safer and easier skiing. Great value for money and would love to arrange some follow-up tuition once I'm further along! " (Simon K.) February 2014

"Just wanted to say a big thank for the excellent coaching in the building confidence clinic on the 5th December. Neil was great, explaining everything clearly and getting us to feel what the skis were doing. We both feel our confidence, technique and speed have increased and we're looking forward to putting everything into practice when we go to France in January. it's a pity we live so far from Hemel or we'd come more often, but we will hopefully join you again next year." (Clare F.) December 2013

"Hi, just wanted to say thanks for a great session with Rob. My skiing improved tremendously, going from slightly unstable snowplough turns to confident parallels within a morning. It was well worth the trip across from Cardiff. My husband was so impressed with my improvement that he wants a lesson too so we may well see you again before too long." (Claire F.) September 2013

"Simply put, both Wiola and I thought that the lesson with Ian was absolutely wonderful.  His attitude and approach, his direct and to the point observations, his patient clear instructions and concise explanations, made the day a real pleasure for both of us.  Frankly I learned more during the day than I did during an entire week with the ESF.  I really felt in control at the end of the day, small adjustments making a huge difference.  We both feel that we learned a lot, and will certainly be skiing with Inside Out again." (Simon K.) February 2013

"Fab day with Rob. Was ideal just before my holiday to give me a bit more confidence out on the slopes. Rob was very patient (I'm very nervous!) and adapted things for all of us in the group. With the small sized group it felt like a private lesson. Video footage was invaluable and really showed what I need to work on. Will definitely be booking up again after the holiday. Thank you! " (Rachael C.) January 2013

"First, I want to express again my appreciation for the time, effort, and enthusiasm Rob and Scott have put into my skiing over the past year.  I surprised many of the people I skied with when I told them it was my first trip.  I felt pretty comfortable and confident in many of the situations, even though I frequently thought the slopes looked rather steep. I got some pretty good mileage in over the week, and did lots of blues and reds and even did some black runs towards the end of the week - slowly, carefully, and sad to say rather more in the back seat than usual!" (Tim S.) 2011

"Really good day on the slope, I learned a lot - certainly my confidence to throw myself around the slope has soared..." (Nigel) October 2009

"I just wanted to send a personal thank you for the superb coaching last night. There was something about the way you explained things that really made sense to me and you have given me so much more confidence than I have ever had before and am now optimistic that I may finally get to grips with skiing. Even my husband noticed the difference and even noticed me smiling half way down a run on Saturday night - and that has never been heard of before" (Sheila) July 2009
Skills Clinics
Client reviews of our Skills Clinics
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"I have been learning with Inside Out now for about 1.5 years on and off. I’ve primarily gone through their skills clinic programme although supplemented with tuneup and performance clinics too. I have been skiing since March 2015 and by using the inside out skiing expertise I feel I have leapfrogged many years in my skiing ability. I am happy to tackle any pisted run, on any mountain and I know I’ve been given the information to cope. I ski with people with 10+ years skiing on me and I’m moving beyond them. I wouldn’t be the level I am without these guys. Thank you" (Dave) Mar. 2019

"Thank you for the video link. But more importantly, thank you for a great session yesterday. Really changed my skiing which was just amazing." (Christina) Sep. 2017

"Rob watched us ski a bit and then we were off. He started by explaining what he wanted us to achieve, why he wanted it, what the results should look like and then what drills and movements we need to do to achieve the desired result followed by video analysis. This worked really well for us because it meant we had a cradle to grave process and the ability to see in slow motion what we did wrong and why. We worked on finding and recognising our edges, engaging the edges cleanly, using them for stability and then increasing speed.
(Dave ) June 2016

There were 5 of us on the course, all at greatly different levels but we didn't feel at any point that we were at a disadvantage (and hopefully not causing one for the others). Rob would explain, demonstrate and then watch us do. Each lap we completed we were given feedback on how we performed, what aspects needed changing and an technique to employ to help this. Watching the other attendees you could see each of us were given different things to work on to help correct the individual aspect we personally had issues with.

It was an interesting experience because it felt very much like a private lesson, just 5 of them going on at once. We both very much enjoyed the day, the other attendees were lovely and the instruction top notch. We both feel that our skiing has massively progressed and can already feel the difference, the biggest downside is now we want to go on another one. Thanks very much Rob and the team, highly recommended."

“I had a really great day today - it is the first time bumps have felt vaguely fun rather than a necessary (and scary) evil.” (Claire M.) September 2015

"These guy's have got it sussed !!..... I've been on a couple of Skills Clinics at Hemel this year and had a session with InsideOut's partner school "Ski Marmalade" in the 3 Valleys. This is the way forward! if you want to learn to really ski. Continuity in tuition indoors on snow at Hemel and in the Alps. Bravo! Rob & Scott observed, analysed, and tuned in immediately to what wasn't right in my technique. They prescribed the drills and helped me get the changes dialled in. If you're serious about your skiing or simply want value for money these guys are the one stop shop. There's also a great sense of camaraderie on the courses and a friendly social scene via the ISO Ski Club. If I was an instructor I'd want to work with InsideOut, Bon Ski!" (Colin L.) July 2013

"I want to send thanks for the great Moguls Clinic yesterday. I just took a look at the videos and I really think I made some good progress during the session and now can't wait to try out my new found confidence and skills in the Alps! I have really enjoyed my sessions with InsideOut this year and seem to have managed to push my skiing forward to a new level. I certainly feel way more comfortable on my skis now." (Dave S.) November 2011

"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the excellent Short Turns and Steep Terrain skills clinic. The whole day was very well planned and managed. The individual exercises/drills were carefully selected, clearly explained and nicely linked with the overall Short Turns and Steep Terrain theme. Feedback was clear and precise, demonstrated good incite and was delivered in such a way as to inspire improvement and I there really was an improvement for me. You made very effective use of the available terrain – it was one of the most enjoyable days I have spent at an indoor ski centre. I noted a very positive vibe in the whole group at the end of the session. Great job guys." (Ian C.) November 2011

"I'd just like thank Scott for an excellent day yesterday (Sat 5th) coaching a steeps clinic. He immediately identified areas that I need to work on, pinpointing hip position in particular. We had a very enjoyable day with some great teaching and quite a bit of laughter." (Joss B.) November 2011

"This was the most fun I've had in a fridge to date." (Simon E.) September 2011

"Recently returned form Murren and I certainly found that my skiing has moved on thanks to 5 all day clinics with Inside Out and the three day trip to Tignes in Sept/Oct. In particular I found that I had more tools in the box when it came to skiing more difficult terrain. I was still struggling in the moguls, but at least I knew what I was trying to do rather than floundering helplessly. So thank you to Rob and Scott. I'll be back at the clinics in April onwards once I've got the outdoor skiing thing out of the way." (Nigel C.) January 2011

"Some of your coaching must have sunk in because I'm finding my skiing much easier and I'm also going a lot faster! I have been working on completing my turns, especially on the steeps and it's really working. That day getting towed down the Hemel slope helped a lot! Haven't mastered the moguls yet but I'm working on it! My skiing buddies have commented that I'm skiing with a lot more style now and I find my self out in front of the group a lot." (Dave S.) January 2011

"After attending a few of the day based skills clinics and having been impressed with the quality of instruction, the “Introduction to Racing” achieved a new level of excellence in training. I enjoyed this thoroughly. Well done Rob and Scott." (Frank) June 2010

"Wow, something had happened to my skiing! It was like a switch had been flipped and things were starting to really work. I found myself able to do lots more up and down movement and the skis felt like they were really working properly." (Dave ) March 2010

"It was my best day of these classes so far and testimony to both Rob and Scott for their previous instruction in that I could cope with most of the drills where I usually struggle. My balance, posture and edging have improved so much." (Jerome) February 2010

"Thanks for a very well planned day with good coaching and feedback (video analysis was very helpful too) and I'd definitely be interested in another course like this. Having thought I wouldn't really enjoying skiing gates (well, carrots), I felt a pang of disappointment when I got to the top of the slope at we approached 4pm only to find the carrots had been taken away and it was time to finish!" (Michelle) August 2009

"The level of individual coaching, I thought, was superb. For what it is worth, I have always been very stiff legged and inclined to skid around without proper extension. A few runs with teeny poles had me buzzing, as I could immediately feel the improvement. By the second session of video analysis, there was one brief freeze-frame moment where I might have passed muster as a skier!" (Chris) July 2009

"That was a first class day of coaching. Everyone, literally everyone, should do one of these."
(Paul) July 2009
Performance Clinics
Client reviews of our Performance Clinics
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"It was a superb day and I’m already looking forward to doing the next one." (Nigel K.) April 2019

"Went along to a performance clinic today on pressure control with Inside Out Skiing. Its the first one I've done and have to say it was a fantastic day, learn't a lot and got masses of valuable advice from Rob. The day was well structured allowing for frequent breaks but they weren't wasted time as video footage was used to review what had been covered and areas for improvement. Thanks for a fantastic day! I'm sure I'll be returning!" (George S.) November 2012

"I loved my course on Transitions! I can ski, get down blacks but not stylishly or cleverly and have known for sometime it's some key skills I need to concentrate on which you just won't get at larger group all round lessons. These guys didn't disappoint, they deconstructed my turning to build it up from the start. I won't lie, it's tough physically and mentally but when you feel and see the improvements is a real buzz. Scott was my instructor shadowed by Dave and you couldn't meet two nicer guys who were encouraging and constructive. The video clips at break times were really useful to see your positioning etc. Highly recommended from me! Just choosing the next one to do!" (Lorna M.) August 2012

"Really great session yesterday - Scott! The 'building blocks' clinic should be compulsory for everyone" (Cathy C.) October 2011

"Got back from St Anton last Sunday,  I can’t believe how much my skiing has improved, from caving to short radius turns and I’m even getting the hang of  angulation. A mate reckoned a 50% improvement over last year. I feel I’ve achieved the two goals I set myself when I started with you. Which was to be as good as a mate, I now feel I’m better than him, and to call myself an advanced skier (although you may disagree?). So I’m setting myself a new goal of expert skier!" (Glen C.) 2011

"Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the attention to detail, the individual care, the extra mile gone - what on earth time did you get home today, Rob? - and the sheer fun of the performance clinics. Unusually for me, I can actually sense that I am beginning to make some progress, all of which is down to you guys. Thanks!" (Katherine H.) September 2010

"Once again I presented Rob and Scott with the challenge of my idiosyncratic skiing technique and once again they seem to have found a way of improving it for the better! Great confidence boost, and what's more I don't ache or feel worn out" (Paul G.) February 2010

"An excellent day, with very good teaching and very good company. Everyone visibly improved with the drills we worked on, and the video feedback is so good. Although I started off the day skiing (thanks Scott!) like a chalet girl, I was quite pleased with myself by the end. Lots of exercises and stuff to work on - I'd highly recommend a day like this to anyone." (Rachel) August 2009
Tune-Up Clinics
Client reviews of our Tune-Up Clinics
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"I thoroughly enjoyed the session and I felt like it made a dramatic difference to my skiing." (Chris F. ) Nov 2018

"At the end of our sessions I realised I felt alive and happy in a way that I used to feel when skiing but which has been largely missing for about 8 months after a crisis of confidence."
(Liz R.) November 2018

"Neil did a fantastic job today! He explained everything really clearly and really tailored the course to each person individually. We all really enjoyed it." (Emma N.) December 2013

"Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the great lesson I had with you at Hemel, thanks to you I had a fantastic time in Val D'Isere and the technique fell into place perfectly. As the week progressed I worked on all of the stuff that you taught me and slowly but surely it started to work and by the end of the week I was up on the top of the Tignes glacier tackling the wonderful red off the top and skiing from edge to edge and feeling in perfect control. Rest assured I shall be having some lessons later this year to ensure that my next trip is even better." (Simon S.)

"My daughter and I came down from Manchester for a Holiday Tune-Up session with Inside Out Skiing on Saturday and had a really great day. If you are thinking of having a warm up in a snowdome before your holiday then have a look at this. Rob is an excellent teacher and has you working on specific drills rather than just bashing down in 10 seconds. He even talks you through video footage of yourself in the breaks." (Mike A.)

"I can thoroughly recommend InsideOutskiing as an alternative way to learn." (Simon) February 2010

"The techniques I learned on the clinic really moved my skiing on, making it easier, less tiring, and more enjoyable, a real triple result, giving me enough confidence to take on my first ever black run." (Nigel G.) January 2013

"Before starting the session, I'd gone off and bought myself a lift pass for the morning - not realising that the price for the coaching day included that. That's how good a deal it is. We start out with some basic drills, nothing too revolutionary, but they were well chosen. It is very hard to ski on one ski if you are not balanced or over the front of your skis. We discovered this for ourselves through the drill, the theme that followed through the day was providing us with increasingly challenging drills that you find very difficult if you don't do the right things. Luckily it clicked for everyone - the pace was just about right to get everyone gradually moving forwards, with breakout runs in between where you could relax and just ski. During these runs we all made progress from where we were at the start, almost without conscious effort.

Scott filmed us all skiing, including a couple of drills and a fairly normal run, and during the coffee breaks (Hemel is very good for this, just drop off your gear, get in the lift, you are in the bar) we reviewed the footage with information on what we were getting right and we could see where we were getting it wrong. Everyone benefited from this, being able to see yourself on tape removes any argument about whether you are, or aren't, doing what you should be. No surprises on the first review session, we were all in the back seat. The drills made us look like bambi on ice, out of control and flapping around, our technique making every error worse.

After another couple of hours of coaching, we broke for coffee. Normally by this point in the day, my thighs are burning and I need to stop. Today was different. Today we stopped because we wanted to see the video, and we needed calories to get us through the afternoon.

After coffee we had a run through, and everyone was making progress. I don't know whether the progress was designed this way, but everyone seemed to have taken a significant step forward from the first session. I found that whilst previously I couldn't get into a rhythm with one ski in the air (I know, nobody gets in a rhythm with one ski in the air) it was starting to click. On the first session it clicked about one in ten. Now we were up to 50/50.

After lunch we hit the slopes to try and finish off what we'd started. At this point the drills became more difficult - things like passing a single pole behind you in between turns, trying to form proper S shaped turns at the same time. All while getting ourselves into the front of our boots and working on ankle flexion. The kind of drill I've not really had to do before, and not really felt I'd enjoy. But actually it was a very positive experience - each drill was slightly more difficult than the last, but we all managed to do each one and then we moved on to the next one.

4pm was the end of the day, and we had a few last runs to go out and enjoy ourselves, shake our legs down. All our skiing had improved. We all skied more fluently, we were much further forward, and I particularly noticed in the end of day video review that I was much further forward and skiing through the Hemel crud without a thought and without skidding my way around a backseat turn. It was clicking 80% of the time now - just being thrown occasionally by getting out of rhythm or by someone getting in the way of my chosen line. Quite a thing - I've not felt that way for some time, ever since I discovered backseat skiing as a lifestyle choice.

A big positive from the day was finding other people with the same problem. Watching someone else ski, and being able to say "I do that too!" helps a lot. When you have to cut short a day of skiing because your thighs burn and you are just plain old exhausted, while everyone else just carries on skiing until 5pm at 100mph, that's not a great feeling. Everyone in the group will have felt that way over the years, and that means you are all in it together.

I'd quite strongly recommend these clinics to anyone really. It occurred to me to sign up Mrs M as well, but thought she might not get a lot out of this particular subject. In fact the drills would have been beneficial to anybody, but also for the money involved in doing this, it is a really affordable way to get a lot of coaching for very little money, and also to get some really good feedback not just on the area the clinic covers, but also on other areas. For example Scott and I had a good chat about hand positioning in the end of day review, which helped me to know what I should be doing while getting my shins into the front of my boots.

Inside Out also give you the footage of your skiing from the day - just take a memory stick with you. I didn't do this, but it would have been a good idea. To have the footage to be able to review at home and look at where to improve in my own time.

Anyhow, a good little day. And I am now thoroughly exhausted." (
Jack M.) Jan 2013

"What an eye-opener on how to teach skiing. The passion these guys show for their skiing is incredible, they have a way to uncover your weaknesses and give you the necessary "Tools/Drills" to demonstrate that weakness allowing you to correct/practice." (Terry B.) September 2009
Return to Skiing
Client reviews of our Return To Skiing Programme
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“Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the lesson last Saturday. It was wonderful to be back skiing and I really enjoyed the session. I'm pleased to report that my knee enjoyed it too - it didn't give me any problems at all during the session, or afterwards.” Sara N., Oct 2015

“We started with some questions about my injury and my recovery and a look at the x-rays. We did some balance and flexibility exercises upstairs in the cafe and talked about what I was hoping to achieve. Lisa was a little bit nervous about the extent of my injury, but was reassured that I have been doing exercise including weightlifting. When she was happy that I understood the risks, we went out onto the snow. 

The first run down was scary and I did have a bit of a fall. It was strange how every bad habit I'd worked through came right back at me. But, after a few runs, and a few drills I was skiing really nicely. Before long I was having fun again! Lisa was very clear about what I should and shouldn't be doing at this stage of my recovery, and also when I could start thinking about upping my performance in the future. 

In the course of a morning I went from wobbly and scared, to really decent parallel skiing!”
Mairead O., March 2015
Pro Development
Client reviews of our Professional Development Clinics
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"Just wanted to let you know how we got on last week. I can give much more detail on day to day if you're interested but the big picture was that it was really good - one of the best week's skiing I've had in a long time. Derek is, as you already know, an excellent coach and a thoroughly nice chap as well. It was a shame you couldn't be there too - part of the appeal of Inside Out is the continuity of coaching from UK to abroad - but Derek soon made up for it (and then some)." (Kieran M.) January 2014 [BASI L1 training towards L2]

"I still have some way to go and lots to learn, but as I have said before, I really feel the MAIN reason I have been able to progress the way I have is due to the solid foundations that were laid by Scott and Rob in my first year of 'proper skiing. You can be the most motivated sports person in the world, but without the correct coaching and guidance as I received from Inside Out Skiing, you will certainly find things a lot harder and may never even reach your goal. A big thumbs up and thank you for their time, effort and expertise in shaping my skiing." (Michael A.) September 2013 [BASI L2 with only one module left for L3]

"Just a short note to thank you for your excellent tuition on the Instructor FastTrack course. It was truly an eye-opener to go back to basic skiing and a reminder of what it is like for beginners" (Garry D.) Aug 2013

"Just seen the Inside Out Skiing instructor fast track programme - looks good. It's also prompted me to let you know I passed my level 2 in Val D'Isere with the ICE guys this April. Very chuffed. Am thinking about level 3 for the 2014/15 season… Thanks for all your help and great guidance" (Graham F.) May 2013

"Well, big news. Me and Marcus smashed it in Tux, We both got the Level 2!! Fantastic! Can't believe it. Wanted to say a great big thank you. Without your training and input this would not have happened for me." (Tim H.) April 2013

"Just a note to say thanks again for a great week. I've taken another big leap (or it was a big breakthrough week as you put it Rob) My skiing has improved a 100 fold over the two weeks I've done in Tignes with you this year. I found your teaching styles very easy to understand. Your analysis and actions to correct what was wrong are absolutely spot on. I have improved a lot in a short space of time and that's down to you guys. You should be proud of it." (Tim H.) 2011

"Well I just finished my BASI Level 1 Instructor course at Hemel and passed!!! This is due in no small part to both Rob and Scott's tuition over the past few months. There is no way I would have passed without their coaching and input. A big thank you and thumbs up for their guidance and instruction." (Mike A.) 2010

"It was an excellent course, extremely useful and very good value for money. Lots of experience and knowledge imparted over a day and for me it was exactly the kind of thing I needed to inspire me on further." (John) May 2010
Private Coaching
Client reviews of our Private Coaching
If you would like to review an Inside Out Skiing course you've been on please click here.

“I really enjoyed the ski lesson and thank you so much for your time and patience!” (Alison M.) Jan 2016

"Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the great lesson I had with you at Hemel, thanks to you I had a fantastic time in Val D'Isere and the technique fell into place perfectly. As the week progressed I worked on all of the stuff that you taught me and slowly but surely it started to work and by the end of the week I was up on the top of the Tignes glacier tackling the wonderful red off the top and skiing from edge to edge and feeling in perfect control. Rest assured I shall be having some lessons later this year to ensure that my next trip is even better." (Simon S.) April 2011

"Had a private lesson yesterday with Rob from Inside Out Skiing at Hemel Snow Centre. I just wanted to say how great I thought it was. I'm not that experienced with skiing, and in fact barring a single hour's skiing over Christmas, I hadn't skied for 18 years, and even then I'd only done a few weeks. When I started the lesson, I was not very controlled and not very confident. By the end, I had not only improved my technique, but my confidence was far, far higher and I also have a lot to take away and practice the next time I go. Added to that, Rob was so generous with his time and experience, that I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Inside Out Skiing to anyone looking for some tuition!" (Martin D.) January 2011

"Many thanks for another really good day of coaching. This really is the best thing that's happened to my skiing since I stopped snowploughing. Rob is really excellent at spotting the tiny details of what you're doing wrong and then coming up with ways to correct it and the very thorough video feedback just reinforces that. I think it's fair to say my skiing has improved considerably since the first session." (Cathy) October 2009